What are people saying about Primal Pie?

Customer Reviews

Your “take and bake” pizza is ridiculously good. Like restaurant quality good. I know you’ve heard this but I’d put Primal Pie against anyone’s pizza! Thx guys. So good!

I grilled this Primal Pie Pepperoni on my propane BBQ with my pizza stone. Preheated grill with stone on the grill to 550°F and placed the frozen pizza on. OMG. Amazing.

Man!!! Holy cow we had the brisket pizza last night. It’s insane! I swear to God I’m not just saying that to you, its out of this world!!

Outstandingly delicious!
I cannot stress enough how OBSESSED I am with these pizzas!! They are so packed with flavour, every bite is an absolute treat

I sold all 16 cases of Primal Pie in 12 hrs… can I get an emergency order!!

It’s true, your product is something to be proud of.

The Pizza was awesome!! Our kids loved it too.

Tyler!!! We don’t have any Brisket and Blue Cheese pizzas right now!!

EXCELLENT pizzas – we all loved the Carnivor all meat!!

Yup Oh Man it was awesome!!

I LOVE the pizzas!!

Pizza is yummy!!!!

Can I get paid in Pizza!!!

Yeah….. Pizza Night!!!!!

I can’t believe this pizza is this good; cooked from Frozen. Unbelievably good!