Frequently Asked Questions

Primal Pie Cooking Instructions

General Questions

For Best Results – Cook Time Approx. 30-50 Mins (depending on oven)

Turn oven on to 425 F and preheat for 15 minutes or until it reaches 425 F. Remove frozen pizza from box and remove the plastic wrap, leave on the foil pan. Put the pizza on the lowest rack and set timer for 30 minutes. Check after 30 mins and cook more for a crispier pizza, set timer again until it reaches your desired crispiness. Remove from oven with a large metal spatula under the foil pan for support and use an oven mitt or metal tong to hold side of pizza pan while taking it out. Slide pizza off the pan onto a cutting board that you’ll use to cut on after the next step. IMPORTANT NEXT STEP, it’ll be hard but let it sit on the cutting board for 5 minutes to cool down. NOW you can slice it and serve!

From our kitchen to yours, enjoy!

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Gluten friendly options are coming soon. We hope to have a gluten friendly crust available summer 2021.

Our pizzas feed upto 4 people easily! Not your ordinary, thin crust, hardly any toppings. minimal cheese kind of pizza, We gurantee it!! We load our pizzas with toppings and heaps of fresh Canadian mozzarella!

Every oven is a little different, if you feel your crust is a little under done for the last 15-20% of the cooking process take your pizza off the foil pan with a large flipper (spatula) and put it directly on the oven rack. Put a cookie sheet or foil under the pizza to prevent any dripping. This will crisp up the crust very nicely.

Subscription Q&A

When you place an order, your selection will be sent to our team automatically and your order details will be saved to your account. Your payments are processed through Stripe‘s secure hacker-safe API.

Your order will be delivered by our delivery team during the delivery date and time slot you selected.
If you purchase a subscription, your order will automatically be repeated every 4 weeks until the subscription is paused or cancelled.

You can make changes to your order, update your delivery details, and change your payment method from your Account.


You can pick up one of our pies at any of our retail partner locations. You can also make a one-time delivery order through our site, but we suggest that you give our subscription a shot! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you are unhappy with your first order, we will give you your money back! You can cancel at any time and there is no minimum commitment.

Every month we will be featuring a Pizza for that month. For example, our first Pizza of the month will be Meat Lovers! If you select this pizza option, you will be given that pizza.

Running out of pizza is bad for a happy soul!

You can get more pizza by changing your delivery date or by placing a one-time pizza pack order for the next available delivery date. Or pick one up at one of our great partners. Click here to find a retail partner near you!

To make a change to your subscription, you can edit it by visiting My Account > Subscriptions and clicking “Upgrade or Downgrade”. The deadline to change your order is Sunday at midnight prior to your selected delivery date.

The deadline to change your order is Sunday at midnight prior to your Thursday delivery.

You can change your scheduled delivery time up to a deadline of Sunday night before your Thursday delivery by updating your order in your account.

You can pause your subscription for up to 3 months by visiting My Account > Subscriptions, locating the subscription you would like to pause, and clicking the “Upgrade or Downgrade” button. You must select at least 1 different pizza in order to proceed. Continue to checkout, then select a date up to 3 months in the future you would like to receive your next delivery.

You will not be charged any additional fees unless you select a more expensive pizza, in which case you will be charged the difference upon submission.

You can cancel your subscription by going to My Account > Subscriptions and clicking Cancel. You can reactivate the subscription at any time.

If you have already paid for this month’s delivery, your order will be completed as normal and your subscription will be cancelled following delivery.

To change your payment method, visit My Account > Payment Methods.

You will be charged for your first delivery immediately upon purchase, and your payment will recur on the same day each month after that until the subscription is paused or cancelled.

If you are not home please select the option for temperature control packaging. For $7.95, we will pack your pizzas in an insulated box with ice packs. This will keep you pizzas safe for 4-6 hrs.

You can expect your pizza to arrive during the 2 hour time slot you selected when you signed up. Exact times vary depending on our delivery volume.

You can indicate in your order whether we should leave your order on your doorstep or hand-deliver it to you.
If you select the hand delivery method and you are not home to receive your pizza, we will contact you to arrange an alternate pickup/delivery.
If you are not home please select the option for temperature control packaging. For $7.95 we will pack your pizzas in an insulated box with ice packs. This will keep you pizzas safe for 4-6 hrs.

You can pick them up on the way out of town, or we can potentially have them delivered to you out at the lake!